a small dinner victory

A roasted chicken! Some crispy potatoes! A nice lasagna! Three cheers for making things happen!… Read More a small dinner victory


In pursuit of lunch

Eating (or, really, cooking) is supposed to be easy (at least relatively), but it continues to be very un-easy for me, no matter how many food blogs I scroll. I’m trying to sort it out. And live to tell about it. And not eat exclusively grilled cheese (as pictured). … Read More In pursuit of lunch

Nourishment, and other things to work on

I thought feeding myself was easy, but I guess it’s not. … Read More Nourishment, and other things to work on


City-ing No. 3

A CHICAGO COFFEESHOP ROUND-UP! for your Thursday delight! (according to me, aka – definitely not all-inclusive but hopefully homey and nice!)
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Wanna know what I’ve been up to lately here in big bright Autumn-bound Chicago? Here it is, in words and pictures!… Read More Lately


The Paramount Importance of Fancy Yogurt

In which I obsess about yogurt and feelings and try not to sound too silly. … Read More The Paramount Importance of Fancy Yogurt