Someday: New York Spring

Wishing, hoping, dreaming of lovely things to pack for an upcoming trip to NYC! … Read More Someday: New York Spring


Nesting No. 5.2: Ask Ephron

It just so happens that some of my favorite movies feature some truly special apartments. I’m finding my latest nesting inspiration from some of my all-time favorite movie women and the spaces created for them. This time, “When Harry Met Sally”!… Read More Nesting No. 5.2: Ask Ephron

“nobody asks me about my shirts”

Real life thrifting strategies from a self-proclaimed Goodwill champion. Bringing the challenge back into shopping.… Read More “nobody asks me about my shirts”



Curated clickables gathered from my internet wanderings. … Read More Collection


baths, great and ordinary

“I never feel so much myself as when I’m in a hot bath.” Self care at its truest, its realest, its deepest. Elemental, and clear. The bathtub.… Read More baths, great and ordinary


cruel feb, a no nonsense late-winter playlist

A playlist for February, the cruelest month. Drizzly melancholia mixed with glittery hope as we tread the wasteland. … Read More cruel feb, a no nonsense late-winter playlist



Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! In words and pictures!… Read More Lately