things to eat

As this whole blog is an experiment in remembering things for myself publically and privately, this list is a little for you and mostly for me! I’m terrible at feeding myself, (as discussed here and here) so finding recipes that I enjoy both cooking and eating is a victory every time. Here, I’m collecting the jewels I’ve found among the crazy excess of recipes on the wide world of the internet. That’s the problem, or part of it, I think. I look for a recipe, I scour food blogs, and I feel as though I don’t know who to trust. Too many options. Too many half-baked ideas or people masquerading as authorities. Fake it till you make it is great, but not in my oven. I want tried and true, I want simple and real, I want to know that it will be good. Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of my trust in Julia Turshen and her recent gem of a cookbook Small Victories. I also tend to look to Molly Wizenberg of Orangette and Jenny Rosenstrach of Dinner a Love Story for wisdom and something to put on my table. I’m drawn to these wonderful food bloggers / recipe writers not only because their food is good (which it is) but also because their writing is excellent, thoughtful, and personal. I’m much more likely to trust that a recipe will be worth putting onto my table if it has a story behind it. Eating food is not an isolated task – it’s intertwined with our lives and hearts much like our clothes, our objects, our computer use. I’m drawn to the people who seem to recognize that and explore it. I’m drawn to people who talk about food like it matters beyond pretty pictures and vapid writing, dying for clicks and online traffic.

I also frequent a couple of other food-ish websites that tend to have good things going on, namely Food52Kitchn, and Serious Eats.

So, here, I am collecting recipes that I want to keep around both for their edible value and for their heartiness (pun intended). These recipes mean something, whether just because it brings me joy to make and eat them, or because they were first discovered and eaten with or because of people I love. Food matters, we eat it every day, and I’m trying to find ways to make cooking and eating a lively thing, nourishing for my body and my heart, in fullness of self and joy. These are the recipes I like and trust. This is what I will eat when I’m at a loss.

(You may see a theme in my recipes. I’m a sucker for red-sauce italian!!!) – More will be added as time goes by, as is the theme of my collection pages!



Turkey Parmesan Meatballs, first eaten at Avery’s table where we talked about Barbara Kingsolver and PBS.

A Nice Lasagna, one of my new favorite foods.

The simplest roasted tomatoes over whole wheat pasta, a weeknight meal that hits the spot.

Chicken Tortilla Soup, aka my favorite winter soup, served with copious tortilla chips and cheese making it a lot less wholesome and a lot more toothsome.



Buckwheat Scones, perfect for this season of low-sugar and whole wheat when baking feels needed.

Oatmeal Muffins, another just right not too sweet baked thing to make as needed.

Afternoon Cake, made with whole wheat and buckwheat flour for a party at the beginning of spring.