The tiniest of nets – for brett foster

“These poems, they are the tiniest

of nets cast into the sea, and even these,

despite the summer months I have spent

with the nets’ dressings, will be eventually

forsaken, and I, finally just another

powerless scribe.”

Brett Foster, “The Forerunner” (excerpt)… Read More The tiniest of nets – for brett foster

Nesting No. 3: Feeling twenty-two

A post for all of us out there cobbling together apartments for the first time. Collecting bits and bobs, Goodwill lamps, cheap vinyl, wool blankets, scraps of paper to pin to the walls, and the occasional plant. Nesting isn’t easy for the young and penniless, but we try anyway. We try anyway. … Read More Nesting No. 3: Feeling twenty-two