The Paramount Importance of Fancy Yogurt

I’m very into self-care snacks. I’m sure you are too. Now, I don’t recommend eating your feelings, but some things are just inevitable. I just prefer to call it self-care. It makes it sound important. And necessary. Which, honestly, it is. At least for me.

You know the feeling. You’re glum, & you’re wandering the grocery store, shuffling through the aisles. Some people are into the classic bag of chips. Like, I have a friend whose love language is definitely salt and vinegar potato chips. Some other people buy a bottle of moderately priced red wine and call it a day. Some people grab a vanilla latte. Some people head straight to the Ben & Jerry’s. Like a moth to a flame. When I’m glum and shuffling and tired of deciding which boneless skinless chicken breasts to put into my cart (they’re all the same but they’re also NOT.), I always head to the same place.

The dairy aisle. Specifically, the fancy yogurt in the dairy aisle.

Now, I’ll admit that I have other less consistent self-care snack choices, including but not limited to:

  1. International chocolate-dipped cookies
  2. Fancy Ginger Ale
  3. Cheese Pizza Bagel Bites
  4. Milk Duds

But fancy yogurt has by far the strongest pull on me. I can’t even tell you when it started. Go, and see for yourself! There are rows and rows of beautifully packaged yogurts at your local grocery store! Probably! There definitely are at mine, and they’re lovely, and they make me want to banish all Yoplait from my life. Creamy, fancy, beautiful yogurt. Self care in the highest sense. But, it’s honestly less about the yogurt and more about the self-care. Life feels unstable right now. I’m longing for a sense of groundedness. For the feeling that I know what’s going on and how I can do good in this place where I live. But I’m not there yet. I’m not supposed to be. I’m allowed to have a month or two or five of crazy! You know? Transitional times are real life still, and just as important as untransitional life, but it’s true that transition makes everything a little more interesting and a little more hard. Still real, but hard.

In times like this, where the earth isn’t quite solid and life hasn’t quite shaken itself out, when I find myself in tears in the kitchen for silly reasons, when I want to watch Friends all day because at least it’s familiar, I buy myself some fancy yogurt and I don’t apologize for it. And I eat my fancy yogurt in the sun in the morning with an earl grey latte and I remember that life is lovely.

It’s worth it.

P.S. I feel the best sort of silly speaking this emphatically about yogurt!!


  1. Noosa. It’s from Australia, and it is the creamiest yogurt I’ve ever had. Try the honey first, because it is smooth and lovely. And if you’re like me, one little tub will last you a long time. I eat yogurt VERY gradually. I also very much recommend the Strawberry Rhubarb variety. And all the rest of them.
  2. Siggis. Vanilla siggis is what got me through one of the hardest physical tasks of my life. I was in a play in which I had to run a round a lot and scream and sword fight, all in four layers of wool. Before each performance, I would scarf down a Vanilla Siggis, because they are tasty, yes, but also FULL of protein, and not full of sugar. You’ll love it. This is the best breakfast yogurt in the world.
  3. Maple Hill Creamery Creamline Yogurt. Isaiah and I discovered this yogurt on our Honeymoon. Our resort in Ithaca, NY had the most beautiful, fresh, breakfast spread each morning. This yogurt was consistent, and amazing. What is particularly delightful about it is a layer of thick, wonderful cream at the top of each cup. I loved mixing it into the yogurt and catching bits of it as I ate. Vanilla is always my favorite yogurt flavor, and Maple Hill’s doesn’t disappoint, but their lemon yogurt is also GREAT.

3 thoughts on “The Paramount Importance of Fancy Yogurt

  1. I am going to pretend the Ben & Jerry’s comment is aimed at me specifically even though it isn’t because I OBVIOUSLY LOVE B&J MORE FULLY/PROFOUNDLY THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THIS SPINNING PLANET


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