Bits and bobs, screenshot edition

A peek into a personal collection, screenshots taken on my trusty iphone over the past few months. Things I found to be lovely, useful, worth remembering. Things to come back to later. Now, things to share. … Read More Bits and bobs, screenshot edition


In pursuit of lunch

Eating (or, really, cooking) is supposed to be easy (at least relatively), but it continues to be very un-easy for me, no matter how many food blogs I scroll. I’m trying to sort it out. And live to tell about it. And not eat exclusively grilled cheese (as pictured). … Read More In pursuit of lunch

City-ing No. 7: Live in it, all of it.

I’m trying to explore as much of Chicago as I can, to make the boundaries of home stretch farther and farther, to remember the corners of the city I’ll never ever see. It’s a big, wonderful, heartbreaking city, and I’m learning. … Read More City-ing No. 7: Live in it, all of it.



Here’s a little look at what life has been like lately in words and pictures!… Read More Lately


Theater, mine.

I’m vowing to start talking about theater, shouting what I know about it, and taking up my space. It’s time.… Read More Theater, mine.


Someday: Uneven ground

I’m dreaming of seeds to plant and soil beneath my feet. Gathered goods to support sprouting gardening hopes. … Read More Someday: Uneven ground


Nourishment, and other things to work on

I thought feeding myself was easy, but I guess it’s not. … Read More Nourishment, and other things to work on