I’ve been up, down, all around these days. I got, not one, but TWO jobs (NANNYING FOR THE WIN, and another secret one that I’ll talk about LATER!!), I’ve baked up a storm, I’ve had more than my fair share of deep dish pizza, and I’ve driven back to Wheaton way more times than I thought I would (more on that later). Things have been happening with me, just like how things have been happening with you! Here’s a collection of the highlights. A smattering, if you will.

I’ve been eating…

  1. A Toda Madre, Glen Ellyn, IL. I got to go to one of my very favorite restaurants with two of my very favorite gals, so both my heart and stomach will be satisfied for some time. Some must-orders are the Bien Trucha tacos (I don’t even know what’s all in them, but they’re magic + steak), the grilled corn which I want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and don’t forget to add a cocktail. Their mojito is probably the best I’ve ever had, but i haven’t had very many.
  2. These cinnamon rolls from I Am a Food Blog. I made them the other morning, and they were WORTH IT WORTH IT SO WORTH IT. And, as an added bonus, they taste just as good days later heated in the microwave as they did fresh out of the oven. Do it.

I’ve been wearing…

  1. JCrew Toothpick Jeans. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with denim, but these jeans have brought me back. I find myself reaching for them every single day. Similar HERE, except mine are a really nice light-ish wash and have holes in the knees and I bought them gloriously on sale at the beginning of the summer, so I’m sure they’re in JCrew oblivion by now. But, truly, they’re stupendous. They’re a fantastic departure from the dark wash skinnies that have become so run-of-the-mill these days. I’m back in love with denim, HOORAY!
  2. Saltwater Sandals all day everyday while I still can.
  3. Benefit’s Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in Tutti-Cutie (aka sheer coral, a much less embarrassing color name). This is the lipstick I wore at my wedding, so it makes my day extra-special when I wear it out in the real world. It’s the perfect amount of pink to make my lips look like they exist, but not so much to be obnoxious. It’s also smooth and wonderful. I completely recommend it.

I’ve been watching…

  1. Parks & Recreation for the first time, and it seriously makes me laugh more than any other television show ever. I have a very real Leslie Knope inside of me, you guys. While we watch the show, I laugh my pants off and Isaiah laughs at me laughing. And at Ron Swanson.
  2. Youtube videos of Emma Portner’s choreography. OH MY GOODNESS. If you care about art, which I hope you do, drop what you’re doing and first watch this, then watch this, then this, then fall down the youtube rabbit hole that is Emma Portner & Matt Luck. I can’t stop.

I’ve been wanting…

  1. A market tote basket, as inspired by this post on Hey Natalie Jean. Perfect for all sorts of gallivanting, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Gallivanting!
  2. An Aster bike in Steel Blue from Brilliant. Check out their bikes. They are beautifully constructed and very reasonably priced. City biking is where it’s at. Really. I found a bike that I thought was free in my building and rode it for a week or so. It was a little crappy, but it worked and it was the perfect size! But fortune frowned on me, & it turns out that it belonged to my landlord. My bike was taken from me hence. I have not recovered.

I’ve been listening to…

  1. PODCASTS! I’m a big podcast girl. Oh my goodness. Favorites right now are Mystery Show,  The Simple Show, and StartUp in addition to old standby favorites Radiolab, Fresh Air, The Moth, etc. It’s what I do while I run. I seriously can’t make myself run unless I have someone telling me stories in my ear. Enter podcasts. They’re the best.
  2. I’ve rediscovered Noah and the Whale’s 2009 album, The First Days of Spring, and it’s just lovely. A good morning album. Soft, smart, and grand. I bet it’s been a while since it’s popped up on your Spotify. Give it another go. It feels like a lovely sort of irony to be thinking of spring as Autumn has just begun popping up.
  3. Thomas Newman’s score for the 1994 film version of Little Women. Oh my goodness you guys, this music, and also this film, are just SO BEAUTIFUL. If you need to cry or feel like your life is beautiful, just put on this music and sit in the middle of the floor. It works. It’s the perfect mixture of christmas and green and triumph and bread, you know? Also, the film is the one I always put on when I’m sick or can’t sleep. I watched it recently on a night when I really just couldn’t sleep at all. I started it at 3 am and really intently watched it. The acting is fantastic, the music enhances the storytelling, it is so visually beautiful, and it grabs my heart. It’s just wonderful.

Lately in Photos:


Made a triumphant / feelings-ridden return.


Had fancy Austrian coffee in Lincoln Square’s Julius Meinl. 


Sat with a sister in another sister’s room. 


Invaded UIC with Lisa. 


Tried some city-famous chicken wings in Lincoln Park. 

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Snapped the skeleton twins in a scary birthday moment. 


Saw some favorite people be favorite fairies. 


Skyped my way all the way to Rwanda. 


THIS. Found in a book at Myopic. Didn’t want the book, just wanted the epigraph. 


Ate pizza in the sun in Wicker Park in stripes with my sister, and felt very much myself.

Life is pretty okay, I suppose. (!!!)


3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Your blog is so captivating and romantic. I love hearing your ins and outs. and I LOVE LOVE Little Women movie and the music. I cry every time I see it….every time. 🙂 hugs and kisses


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