the eleventh month

Eleven months of making quilts, letting myself change, getting better all the time. … Read More the eleventh month


yes and no

Let your yes mean yes, let your no mean no, let them affect each other but only just enough. Take each thing as it comes, consider the thing that rose in you, look at it and say, hmm. What’s that about?… Read More yes and no

spring things

A few tidbits now that it’s spring. A scattering of stuff-seeds, mornings, bowls of cheerios. And buds on trees!… Read More spring things



I’m stepping into a heritage that was mine all along, fabric sewn with love, keeping warm, hoping. … Read More quiltsong



Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, in words and pictures.… Read More lately


make this: quilted coasters

Some easy quilted coasters to make when feeling blue! Grab some scrap fabric and a cup of tea, and make something real. … Read More make this: quilted coasters


a sun star, a sweater, and saturn

A sweater finished, a quilt in the works. I’m making things and it’s changing me in small/big ways. I’m making things and I’m growing. … Read More a sun star, a sweater, and saturn