I’m getting dreamy around here. And I’m getting crafty too. My fingers are itching to make things. I’m dying to sew and knit. Things are shifting in my life in pretty major ways, toward taking steps toward actual dreams instead of weird approximations of them, slowing down and erasing the harmful things, and working toward the fruit of slow processes. I’m excited and scared, and being very vague, but I think vagueness and poetic-ish feelings are a good place to leave it for now. Here’s what’ve I’ve found as I’ve wandered and considered, as I’ve found sidewalks in the wilderness, as I’ve taken walks in the morning when the street lights were still lit, considering. (Literally, I have, often, lately.)

A collection as we slouch toward fall (and forever towards Bethlehem too):


Places to be.

This Illinois farm has special pizza nights! It’s only an hour and a half away, so I’m sold.

I’m thinking of attending some lectures during the Chicago Humanities Festival this year. Picked up the gorgeous newsprint brochure at a coffee shop after work the other day and scoured it for interesting things.

Cool theater people doing cool theater things. 

Planning to see this play and feeling really excited.


Internet Gems.

This beautiful, unassuming, sad, sad essay I read made me excited about words and writing.

I’m sure just about everyone in the world has seen this by now, but sharing it anyway. FEELINGS. NOSTALGIA! A TALE AS OLD AS TIME!

Currently rewatching Friends with Isaiah, a first-timer, so finding this especially delightful. LOL-ing extra at the comments and usernames.

Recently reread this Jo Ann Beard essay, and so glad that I did.

An interesting take on a subject I turn over and over in my brain, perhaps prematurely.


Crafty Dreams

I really want to make this sweater with this yarn. First big knitting project in years, but in the mood to shoot for the stars. Inspired by Marlee at Have Company here. Other exciting / enticing sweater patterns here and here. I’m going to be a knitter, you guys!

Bought this quilt pattern at the Renegade Craft Fair and I’m really excited to waddle over to Jo Ann (is there not a better independent fabric store in Chicago?) to buy my cotton and batting and such and get started. Afterward, may take a stab at this one! Love the beautiful simplicity of her designs. And the color blocked American flags she makes as well.

This raw silk from Jamie and the Jones literally makes me swoon. If I had the cash and a project to go with it, I’d buy a J + J Swatch Kit in a second to check it out in person. Someday. Sigh.

Forever inspired by Haptic Lab, especially these stunning coastal quilts. Makes me want to quilt a topographical map of Pennsylvania once I’m more confident in my quilting skills. Someday. Someday.



When we moved into our apartment, we were told  by the previous tenant that our bedroom gets extra cold in the winter because the heater doesn’t reach that far. Great news! Ha, we are doomed in these harsh midwestern winters that none of us asked for. Hoping to gear up and cuddle up with a down comforter and a new duvet cover. This one from my favorite home goods shop is gorgeous. Also really into this throw pillow. Also, FYI, their fall line just came out!

Want this zine/workbook to walk through with friends. Want to make things like this, too.

Speaking of fall…



I want to eat this! I want it now! I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like.

For that matter, also delighted by the existence of The Pizza Lab in the first place.

Popovers from Orangette’s archives. A true treasure, will make and tell about them soon. Truth be told, I’ve never made popovers before, but the name is too fun to skip.

Special to click onto Homesong Blog today and see a shoutout to Shauna Niequist’s Bread and Wine, a book that is quite special to me. Now I’m wanting fruit crisp, with the desire only enhanced by the slight chill in the air.


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