Bits and Bobs, screenshot edition

I’m listening to “That Song About the Midway” by Joni Mitchell, still in my pajamas at 3:39 pm on a Thursday. I’m annotating images that I’ve screenshotted on my iPhone in the past month or so, and there’s pizza dough rising in the kitchen. I’ve already watched 4 episodes of Scandal  today and will probably watch more. I need to walk the two blocks to Marianos to get mozzarella cheese, but I’m not wearing a bra or proper pants so I have some hurdles to jump before that can happen. Now I’m listening to “Words of Love” by The Mamas & The Papas. Earlier today I took a stab at piecing a quilt square. It came out, but it’s a bit more lumpy than I wanted it to be, so my skills need some refining. It’s just a day, a big stretch of a day. Not much to say except that I’m here, and I’m remembering things I once found to be lovely, and I’m thinking about blogging, and honestly feeling just a touch melancholy. 

Now I’m listening to “Fish and Whistle” by John Prine.

On this ordinary, empty Thursday, I’m just depositing these screenshots here to have a way to remember them. So that they don’t get lost in the depths of my camera roll. So that I have a way to look back at what things I once found beautiful and useful. 

These things. Lovely enough to survive to one step past mindless scrolling. Sometimes Instagram in particular feels like an abyss, a place where ideas and hopes go to burn for just a moment and then fizzle out and die, so much to the point that I find myself rarely posting any photos at all. Maybe that seems dramatic, but I’ll stand by the opinion that it is an information overload, albeit a fascinating, inspiring one. These screenshots are things that I’m deciding to look a little longer at. To stop my scrolling and actually look.

When I write posts like this, I sort of remind myself to remember that my blog is really mostly for me, my pleasure, my remembrance, my delight. I can’t know if anyone else at all will be interested in the things I screenshotted on my phone. I’m sure all of you dear readers have your own instagrams to scroll. But maybe you’ll find one of these things lovely. I’d like it if you did. But I’m also okay if it’s just for me. In these sweet strange times of being 23, of choosing what matters to me, really, of slowly piecing together a life, I value any chance to agree with other people. In all my individualism, I long to connect. Even in just sharing things I find lovely, releasing them into the bigger abyss of the internet, tying a balloon to a clipping and letting it float to somewhere else. I’d like to think that the things I release touch down somewhere soft. But I can’t know that. I can only let it go and hope.



I keep thinking about quilting. Only today did I make even an attempt to start practicing. For now I like to dream about it and gather images of things I like. Same goes for all the fiber arts. I’m really drawn to them, but I don’t quite have the head-space or skill yet to commit. I want to knit sweaters, I want to make piles and piles of quilts, and dainty embroidered things, all of it. There’s time a-plently. For now it’s fun to look.



I love the bold scale of this pattern. It’s nice to break out of the squares.



Go ahead and hop over to this instagram account if you’re at all interested in fiber arts. All gorgeous, all creative, all carefully made. (@folkfibers)



Another. Literally I want to make a baby quilt just like this someday. Can’t you just imagine something like this keeping a tiny person warm? I can. The natural dye is what really makes it special.



Beautiful. Someday my quilting will be as crisp as this one.



“Distinguish sense from nonsense.” First saw this on the side of a building in Soho. I liked this reminder of it. By Peter Fischli & David Weiss. (More about it here.)



A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and SIMPLE floor. Maybe someday.



A lot of lovely. Mostly interested in that “makingzine” she mentions.



Hop on over to @bluepeninsula and check out the whole progression of her Stitch Journal. I really love keeping up with this project each day. Special work.



Just the sort of quilt squares I’d like to be making. Simple, natural, lovely.



WANT TO READ THIS BOOK, have to wait long, long time from library! The dreaded “All Copies in Use.”



Looks tasty, and just right for this time of year. Find it here.


FELTING! Magic! So beautiful. On her feed there’s a picture of her daughter wearing it too.



This stunning artwork is by illustrator Phoebe Wahl (@phoebewahl), reposted here by someone I follow. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in response to the hard work of being heard, and if I had it on paper I would post it on every wall and sidewalk I could find.


Gonna make this. Also, drawn to these sorts of domestic still-lifes. The honey open. Life at home is lovely and worthwhile.


Want this. Couch is in need of pillows. On the hunt. One of the more useful sponsored posts.


Molly Weizenberg is a beacon for me. Those taper candles, the paper chain. La la la life. Makes ordinary things feel important. Find her always always at Orangette.


Can these be on my windows? Thanks!



Want to wear this on my body. Everything they make is beautiful. Find them at @pineandsmithclothiers.


I’ll always be in love with swans.



Oh my goodness, gorgeous quilt overload. This is a picture that I want to sit with and study, you know? So much about it. Evocative. Gorgeous. The chairs even! I like want to transport myself to this room and smell it.



This book isn’t even out yet, but YES YES YES YES YES. More about it here. You can read the first chapter here.



Forever obsessed with Sarah Benning’s work.



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