Here I have gathered some things up for you / just like how I usually do. / Bits and bobs and things to read / things you’ll want and things you’ll need. /  I found these things and stored them away / perfect to click on a dark rainy day. / Grab a chair and take a seat. / This collection’s really really neat!

Now you see why I write essays instead of poetry. Take a look at the things I’ve been sweeping up from the corners of the internet. Some lovely things, some thoughtful things. This is a very hard time to be awake and looking around in America. This has been a heavy summer, with different folks carrying around disproportionate weight and all of us bewildered and afraid of what might come next. I don’t know what to say about it all except that I’m thinking about it and feeling it. And carrying on.

Check out these links. Look at some lovely things. Read some good, true words. Think about everything. Carry what you have to carry. Look at who is around you. Show up when your body is needed. And keep, keep going.


Spaces and Projects. 

The Viola Project. A very good thing happening in Chicago. Basically everything I care about all in one spot.

Swiss Lark. A sweet blog about leaving and returning and motherhood and everything in between.

Frolic! One of the most fun and lovely blogs on the block! All about simple, playful living.

Oh Comely.  A gorgeous and thoughtful indie print magazine celebrating women.

More and Co.  Seriously all the most lovely things gathered together, who could ask for anything more (pun!)? Especially the ceramics.


Bits and Bobs. 

A gorgeous first apartment. 

Lovely white bread to make and eat. 

And the accompanying blog. 

This zine. And this one.  Basically all these zines. 

I like this swimsuit. 

Another pretty cool home tour, because I’m obsessed. 


Things to read / watch / think about. 

Art as Hospitality.

The heart of hospice. 

An interview with Joan Didion, to be filed under “Read everyday in utopia.”

Weird and brilliant and really thought provoking for theater artist people. 




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