So, two posts ago I published a “Collection,” aka a bunch of links I’ve managed to gather up while roaming the internet. Well, fair readers, I did a silly, silly thing! I wrote up that whole link-filled post without ever even checking my “pocket,” the folder in my internet browser where I actually save everything I mean to share in Collections. (Now you know my deepest blogging secrets.) Here, I give you a good old fashioned pocket raid.  Here are all the links that have been languishing in my pocket for weeks, plus a few harvested fresh today. I’m not going to categorize them because they’re too exciting for that sort of thing! Links willy-nilly! Links for everyone! Links forever! Click what strikes your fancy and see what you find! Right here, right now.


Magic coffee. 

A fave power-lady talks nonfiction.

They’re right. It’s the prettiest tea kettle. 

Books about moms, not at all boring. 

Inside Etsy. 

Will never not be obsessed with Grey Gardens

If I had the money and the time, I’d be all over applying for this theater program. 

In deep appreciation of Nora Ephron. 

An unplugged gadget for writing hipsters. 

Want to read this. 

A novelist I love kills it in a different medium. 

I like this little blog of the past. 

Chicago food is really, really good, hooray!

Gonna make this cake!

Women in nonfiction, keeping the world honest. 

All about my favorite little shop in NYC!


It breaks my heart. 

For real, the coolest house I’ve ever seen. 

Power lady Netflix syllabus. 

Want these in grey. 


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