Life is sort of blowing itself up and rearranging itself right now. I’m scattered and excited and there is a lot to say, essays on essays piling up in my brain. In between thinking big thoughts and feeling big feels, I have been, as always, wandering the internet as I am want to do, poking my head into this or that, seeing what’s up. Sometimes the virtual universe feels abundant, and sometimes it feels sparse, a little dried up. It’s probably more me that feels that way, but it extends beyond myself to the things I look at. It’s been a sparse time lately, too many wordless things in me taking up brain/creative space, but I’ve still found things to linger on, to share. Check these things out, click them if you’ve got the time then click more things beyond, see if you find your world to be abundant or sparse.

And, as always, thank you for joining me in my own little sparse/full/small/strange/heartfull little corner of the internet. I’m always so glad you’re here. I’m always glad to be here. Welcome.

P.S. The robins eggs were found outside Isaiah’s grandma’s window and they’re the most perfect things I’ve ever seen. It’s really May!


Cool online spaces. 

600SqFt.  I found this blog through this small home tour on Apartment Therapy. The blog itself is pretty chill over-all, a little more homegrown, which I really appreciate. I get a little tired of the perfectly polished and sponsored blogs around the web–the ones that run like a business. This one is a passion project with some great insight on living well in a small space.

Design for Mankind. Another beautiful and thoughtful mom blog, a delight to click through, with careful, poetic writing and lovely images. It feels like a nice departure from some of the how-to heavy blogs, erring more on the side of anecdotal truth.

Loyal Supply Co.  I really, really like clicking through this Boston shop’s online space. They’ve got all the right stuff.


Bits and Bobs. 

Super into this DIY.

Obsessed with this new collection at Ikea.

Will be sure to visit this cafe when I visit Paris NEXT MONTH WHAT?

Clog-lust for these.

I’m a Belgian endive!


Lend an Ear. 

If you’re new-ish to the podcast world or wishing to branch out, Gimlet Media’s Sampler might be just the right thing for you. It’s billed as a podcast about podcasts, which makes it just the right amount of earnest/meta for a cheerful listen.

In an extention of my fierce love for mom blogs, The Longest Shortest Time Podcast has been a frequent play for me lately. Now, I recognize that this is a podcast about parenting infants and I am not a parent nor is there any infant in sight. Regardless, this show displays excellent podcasting. Highly recommended.

I sort of accidentally came across Eleanor Murray’s album “Bury Me Into the Mtn,” and I’m so glad I did. It reminds me of one of my very favorite bands, Mountain Man, etherial and complex, great for slow mornings or calm afternoons. Makes me want to move. Very good.


Things to Read. 

Forever reading up on how people capsule. 

Tired of the white-walled design trends of this decade yet?

On Wes Anderson’s fabulous set decorator. 

“I Will Love You in the Summertime”by Christian Wiman.



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