Bits and bobs, screenshot edition

Do any of you lovely readers collect things on your phone by screenshotting them? I do. Little things I find lovely, things to remember. Smartphones are funny things–I sort of hate mine most of the time because of how tethered to it I feel, how endlessly fascinating I find the things within it, how intuitively my thumbs can maneuver. It’s unsettling if I think about it too hard. But when I don’t think too hard, when I’m happily mindlessly scrolling Instagram or a friend’s blog or what have you, I find wonderful things. Things facilitated by my phone! Things I like a lot! I like finding these things. I like having a way to save them for later, like gems in a box. It’s all good and bad, happy and sad, phones are great and rotten and we are stuck with them until the next crazy tech thing happens.

The idea from this post came from the ever brilliant Hey Natalie Jean‘s similar post here. Reading that post on her blog was so delightful to me. Sort of especially so. It felt like being told a secret, or a little window into her brain. It was more unpolished than an essay. A little peek into a private collection, a little hare-brained and askew and wonderful, with no rhyme or reason other than the fact that she had liked that thing at some point enough to screenshot it for later. I feel the same way about my screenshots, sometimes surprised to find them. A little flash of recognition arises. Oh yes, that thing! That lovely thing, I almost remember it! Here it is! Ideas, thoughts, things that pulled at my heart, things that made me laugh. I put them in my pocket for later and here they are now! Out in the open for you to see. Check them out. I’m turning out my pockets for you. A little list of things I like a lot.

*(This also serves as a little peek into who I follow on Instagram. I highly recommend all these people. They are sources of much creativity and loveliness. )*




This got my quilting ideas flowing. I’m cooking up some plans (and visiting grandma this weekend who will give me some real, actual tips.)




I often shy away from color when decorating. This room makes me rethink that approach. So bright, calm, and vibrant. Especially that pink rattan chair.




A whimsical mother’s day card, exactly the way I would paint if I could.




I feel like my soul needs this cookbook.





“Thinking about women & domestic chores” and teacups, teacups, teacups. Teacups in great volumes. And women. Good.




A very good print.




Friends on friends on friends. Good when special people remind you of other special people.




Sometimes I wish the world looked like this, really.




How very lovely for a wedding. Sometimes I want to do it all over again, even though my wedding felt nearly perfect to me. Been having pipe-dreams about being a wedding planner. It could happen.




My far-off friend Hannah posted this and it felt intimate and real in a way that Facebook almost NEVER feels. Ours is not a caravan of despair.





I really truly should read this every day. Live in the impure spaces. GIRLS OWN THE IMPOSSIBLE, THE VOID, THE IMAGE. Juxtaposed with Mary, I mean come ON.




Just so pretty and strong, this art people make. Softness made with strong, sure hands, that’s what women do. I love it.




I’ve got my eye on this planner. That deep blue is very, very good.




Been looking ceaselessly for the cheapo thrift store version of this exact skirt to no avail. It’s a slow climb, you guys.




Looks great. I trust people who wear stripes and eat bread.




Want to read this. Probably an extension of the Hamilton bug. And being into good books, also.




FASCINATING article about a reclusive author whose books I’ve been DEVOURING. Screenshotted it so that I could find it again later and read it many times.




A heavy-hearted/bright reminder of truth I’ve known, seen, touched.




THESE SHOES! Why so expensive and on another continent?!?!?!








Welcome to our marriage. It’s nice here.




Annie Dillard, thanks so much for talking with me.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


Personal hero Barbra Streisand’s bio encompasses every single thing I strive to be. For more personal information write to my mother.



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