I like to think of the internet as a big, big house. I like to think of clicking a link as turning a door knob, hearing the door creak, seeing what’s inside.Β I like finding out that the places I like on the internet are the places my friends like too. It’s almost like sharing space, sitting together with toes by the fire, inclining, looking. The internet will never ever be as good as physically being together, but since it is here to stay I am happy to see it as a place to join other people rather than move further into isolation. These are the places I’ve felt good and safe in lately. Maybe you will too.


Cool Online Shops / Blogs / Sites:

Yield Design Co.Β Β This shop claims they’re producing the “new American standards,” and I’m not about to argue with them. This french press alone has me itching to redesign my entire kitchen (if it even had a design in the first place). Click around, see all the lovely things.

Local Milk. If you’ve never run across this blog before, prepare to feast your eyes. Writer Beth presents a sumptuous and emotional take on food, a bend that feels pretty unique. It’s moody and lovely, many simple flavors combined, and all paired with poetic essays not only about food but also about life. Also, she’s pregnant, and who doesn’t like a pregnant lady talking about food? Nobody, that’s who.

The Pool UK. A female-driven news and culture site with a unique format. It’s quickly becoming my favorite spot on the internet to wander to and stay awhile. The variety of topics covered combined with the creativity and thoughtfulness therein is what is keeping me coming back for more. This is the sort of site to visit every day. Click around for a little, it takes a minute to figure it out. But once you do, you’ll be hooked.

Homesong Blog. If you know me, you know I’m a little excessively obsessed with mom-blogs, with sumptuous photos of babies and baked goods and beautiful bed linens. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole! This blog is one of the loveliest yet. The design of the site is beautiful and the photos are what really get me. This one is a great one to get lost in when you need to feel a little cozy and safe.


Bits and Bobs:

Wanting to chop everything in sight on this cutting board.

Saw this dress at Anthropologie the other day and just sort of gawked at it for a while. The tiny swimmers!

Dreaming of summer clogs.

These nesting mixing bowls with a pour spout and everything. All I’ve ever wanted.


Lend your ear:

Everything is Copy.Β I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch a documentary. Nora Ephron, ladies and gentlemen.

Spilled Milk is my favorite, favorite, favorite podcast. I’ve been doing a lot of commuting lately and these guys keep me company all the way. It’s silly, sweet take on food by two fantastic food bloggers. Give it a try.

Been going back to Ben Sollee these days, the singer of our wedding song and many other gems. Isaiah and I have played his albums through on ever road trip we have ever been on and on many a slow morning frying eggs and brewing coffee as well. He just came out with a new album, released in two halves. I gave it a listen while cooking easter dinner, and will soon be going back for more.


Things to Read:

Clear gender divides in the presidential race. No one is surprised that most women passionaltely dislike Trump, in all his sexist idiocy. Unsurprising, but disappointing still, is the similar correllation with men disliking Hillary Clinton. If the race comes down to Trump and Clinton, gender will most likely always stay in the conversation. I’m hoping for some constructive thought to come of it, but expecting mostly frustration.

Really especially enjoyed this post on Hey Natalie Jean. She is a lady who is dealing with a lot of hard things at once, change and infertility and living in the middle of nowhere. Here, Natalie says no to pity-parties, to complacency, to letting your circumstances define who you are. It’s existential in a great way, the real talk that I needed to hear, to not settle for “versions” of myself, to let myself still be me whereever I am. Go Natalie! You’re doing great.

Everything you ever needed to know about striped shirts, the loves of my life (plus Isaiah). It’s a look that will never get old, which is why I’ve been stocking my closet with stripes like my life depends on it.

Every city should have something like this, a place to make the big city feel friendly, livable, small. This website celebrates the friendliness of Indianapolis in a very special way. I have no personal tie to Indianapolis, but after clicking around here I sort of want to. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could create things like this for Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York? Shouldn’t every city feel kind rather than mean? I’ve found much kindness in Chicago, and I know I’ll keep finding more.



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