A little list of things I like alot

This is a piddly little post, but it’s all I’ve got right now. I wish I could write an essay, put all my feelings into some semblance of paragraphs, but doing that would just make me feel more strange I think. I’d read what I wrote and wonder, really? Is that really how I feel? I’m an unreliable narrator these days, full of peaks and vallies and I-just-simply-can’ts, not for any lack of wanting to do, make, do, make. What am I saying?

I’m saying it’s been a weird few weeks. I’ve been busy and saddled with lots of responsibility all of a sudden, handed tasks where I must appear to be strong, confident, smart, and able at a time in my life when I feel like I’m not really any of those things. I’ve got a big dose of imposter syndrome and a small dose of energy. I’m tired, I’m anxious, my stomach often hurts for no good reason, and I’m responsible for making some impressive creative-ish things happen in very little time. Put that all together and you’ve got weird. Lot’s of weird. Life-wobbling weird. Forget-who-you-really-are weird.

In the midst of the weirdness, I want do some remembering. I’m still me, we all still live on planet earth, God is still all the way faithful, pizza still tastes great. Here, for myself, for the record, for posterity, for the world, are things I like a lot. Things that make me glad. Things that remind me that I’m okay. Things that I can look at, point at, and say “There! A bit of grace!”

  1. Homemade rice krispy treats
  2. Lead pencils
  3. Gourmet ginger ale
  4. Plants grown from seed
  5. Movies with Meg Ryan in them
  6. Striped shirts that fit just right
  7. Holding Isaiah’s hand
  8. Lamps
  9. Memoirs written by women
  10. Clogs
  11. Marian icons
  12. Trade paperbacks bought for very little money
  13. Notepads
  14. “Spilled Milk” podcast
  15. Dinner with friends
  16. Self-care cookies
  17. Hot baths
  18. Fancy soap
  19. Dried flowers
  20. Pictures torn out of magazines
  21. Braids
  22. Afternoon sun
  23. Denim
  24. Barbra Streisand on vinyl
  25. Books about teenage girls
  26. Small boxes to put things in
  27. Parchment paper
  28. Vanilla yogurt
  29. Lattes
  30. Tiny things
  31. Reading the same books over and over
  32. My mother’s copper watering can
  33. Fresh salsa
  34. Cheese pizza
  35. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  36. Mom blogs
  37. Movies about ballet
  38. Sitting by water at night
  39. Visiting places where I feel safe
  40. Fresh bagels
  41. Writing things down on paper
  42. People watching
  43. Plays adapted from novels
  44. Modern dance
  45. String
  46. Walking
  47. The color blue
  48. Looking at old pictures
  49. Things made of wood
  50. Thumbtacks

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