Someday: New York Spring

Yes, I am aware that the above photo is not of New York City, as the title of the post would suggest, but rather, of Chicago, as I live in Chicago and therefore have more photographic access to it. But, I am anticipating more opportunity to photograph the big apple as that is where I’m GOING in a few short weeks! Whoo hoo! Hooray!

I’m very excited for my trip to New York, which I am taking with some friends as a sort of post-college “we miss spring break” vacation. We deserve it. I’ll be leaving my husband behind, a sad thing indeed, but I’ll bring him back some treats, so he need not worry.

I am not only excited for New York, but also for SPRING in New York, an enhancement to be sure. I’ve got my fingers crossed for sweater weather, buds on trees, sun in sky, etc., but as we are going in early March, I may not get my wish. Here’s hoping.

Till then, I’m daydreaming and window-shopping, packing in my mind’s eye, wishing for a gorgeous weekender and a wool cap. I have neither of those things, but a gal can dream, and blog about it! So here is my dream-infested wish list of travel goodies for a trip to New York in spring.


Spring in NY

  1. A Striped Shirt. Because it goes with everything.
  2. A Wool Cap. For keeping warm and looking cool even when the wind is blowing every which way.
  3. Sneakers. For walking blocks on blocks on blocks in comfort and style.
  4. A Weekender. For hauling it all there in the loveliest way possible.
  5. Cream Deodorant. Because all that walking…
  6. A Handy City Guide. For finding hidden gems when faced with an empty afternoon.
  7. A Leather Backpack. For a safe and roomy way to tote my stuff around town.
  8. A Wool Blanket. For a picnic in central park, obviously.

For more of my wishful thinking window-shopping, check out the other posts in the “someday” series here and here. And for more thoughts on city life, albeit Chicago rather than New York, check out my City-ing posts here!

AND, fair reader, if you know of any things I must DO when I’m in New York (aside from the obvious touristy things), let me know! Leave me a comment or drop me an email! I love suggestions.


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