Curated clickables gathered from my internet wanderings. Click away, dear friends, and tell me if you like what you see. 


Cool Online Shops / Makers (because power ladies)

  • Always, always Of a Kindfor carefully-curated special limited-edition goods from independent designers. All of it, all of it, but especially this wrapping paper, this perfect block-printed apron, and all of the personal care shop.
  • If you’ve got baby fever like me (just window shopping, I promise), then you’ll die over these gorgeous bonnets from Briar Handmade. I’ll never get over them, I just won’t.
  • Follow @personalpractice for Have Company mastermind Marlee Grace’s daily personal practice of moving her body to music and recording it in a social space. This project is one that I try to check in on every day. She just dances. Dances! To music! Everyday! Marlee is doing amazing work in a lot of different ways (check out Have Company to find out more), and this particular work feels particularly special/important. Maybe someday I’ll work on a practice like this.
  • This shop is in Chicago, nestled happily in Humboldt Park, a transitioning neighborhood in good ways and hard ways. I drove by it the other day and saw the storefront peeking out to the road. Excited to visit and touch all the lovely things sometime soon.


Bits and Bobs (pretty/cool/prettycool things for EVERYONE)

  • I’ve been needing a plant mister (since our sunniest windowsill is unfortunately directly under the heating vent), and I’m not sure there is a prettier one on earth than this one.
  • Currently obsessed with Bryan John Appleby’s latest, The Narrow ValleyIt’s lush, complex, cinematic, dramatic, and pretty dang special. Check it out. Read a pretty great review of the album here.
  • This Chicago City Guide from Vice is actually pretty rockin. Feat. current faves The Boiler Room, Schuba’s Tavern, Montrose Beach, and a bunch of new places I’ll be needing to visit.
  • Winter flowers, bad for no one.
  • I made this pound cake recently, and I’ll never need another pound cake recipe ever again. It’s that good.
  • For all my FRIENDS fans out there, this. Oh! Yes! Wow!


Newsletters (aka, a little bit of magic delivered straight to your gmail, thx)

  • Clover. Technically written for teen girls, but delightfully useful and worthwhile for women of all ages, this daily newsletter written by two fabulous former women’s magazine editors (think Teen Vogue and Nylon) brings you the day’s biggest updates along with the special touches and great extras you’d hope for in a newsletter that you won’t want to send straight to your spam folder. This one is way worth the space in your inbox. On the newsletter’s subscription page, the two power-ladies behind this project brand themselves as “longtime friends and forever teens.” Omg, aren’t we all?
  • Lenny Letter. I don’t care who you are, millennial power-ladies have to admire Lena Dunham’s hustle and work output. The girl is non-stop, and doing some pretty cool capital-S Stuff, including masterminding LennyLetter with her gal pal / partner in crime Jenni Konner. In terms of content, this twice-a-week newsletter (with plenty of extras) kind of feels like Rookie for women beyond their teens, although I’m sure plenty of rad teen girls are reading Lennyletter too. There is a lot of fantastic content going on here. I’ll admit that I rarely find the time or energy to read everything they feature, but I’m always heartened by its presence in my inbox, by the stories I do read, by the reminder that there are very smart women out there writing very smart things, things I can understand, access, relate to. A power-lady newsletter through and through.
  • Ann Friedman Weekly. Oh my gosh, I love Ann. Me and the 24,000 other smart people who subscribe to this single woman’s weekly personal newsletter. #goals. First of all, if you’re not already listening to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, subscribe right away and get to it (and if you don’t listen to podcasts at all, START NOW YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!). Ann is a brilliant writer, freelancing all over the bright beautiful internet, writing thoughtful pieces usually in topics of things about being a woman in the world. Her newletter highlights everything Ann has written that were published that week PLUS an amazingly curated reading list of other important things to read on the internet. Honestly, if I didn’t subscribe to this I would miss everything worthwhile. I try to carve out special time to sit down with this newsletter, that’s how good it is. Do it. Also, in case you were not yet sold, her personal brand is copywritten as Lady Swagger. Boom.


Things to Read (if you’ve got a minute)

  • New York Fashion Week from the perspective of my personal favorite fashion lady, Leandra Medine. And, while you’re at it, seriously take some time on your commute to catch up on her truly munchable podcast Monocycle. I listened to it all in one sitting, no joke.
  • My friend Jack wrote some dang great poems re:love as a Valentine’s project. Check them out here. Feel the love/angst/feelings/realness. Read them once then sit and stare out the window for a minute and then read them again. That’s what I did and it felt pretty cathartic and great.
  • Still not over Beyonce’s “Formation”, been reading like crazy all the great thought pieces it has generated, and don’t care one little tiny bit that it isn’t for me. Still obsessed though. Can’t really help it.  Here’s the NY Times’ piece on the single, with the music video embedded. Don’t miss this. I’m sure you haven’t. Also, this is horribly spot-on.
  • Celebrating older women, a thing that we don’t do nearly enough of. Not by a long shot. There is a lot for young women to admire in older women, things that only come with years on earth, hard-earned wisdom, pure and simple. I want to hear more stories from women above 50, more real platforms, more weight, more room given to them. As the real power ladies of the world get more and more screentime (Notorious RBG, for example), I can’t help but wonder why this hasn’t been a thing all along. Maybe it was, at least among smart feminists, and I didn’t know to look for it. I don’t know.
  • A great piece on *productivity* from Man Repeller, checking out the “Pomodoro Method.” Mostly just fun to read, but also a half-decent productivity strategy for those of us who can’t seem to keep tabs on their tabs (cough cough, better check twitter for the 500th time). We all have stuff to get done, man, and if it’s going to take a tomato-named method to make it happen for me, I’ll take it and the pasta too.
  • Omg, Queen Joan. The woman, the writer, the lynx, black widow, cultural icon, unmatched, a siren song for her era. I’m slowly reading my way through the works of Joan Didion these days, and trying to soak up every ounce of it. Read this, and feel the gravity of Joan Didion, the legend. (via Ann Friedman Weekly)

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