Post Grad To-Do Snafu


  1. Find real job to apply to. 
  2. Daydream about real job. 
  3. Get hopes up. 
  4. Work up courage to apply to real job. 
  5. Revise resume. 
  6. Go to nannying day job.
  7. Don’t let nannying day job suck out soul. 
  8. Tell the kids not to eat icicles, who knows what’s in those things.
  9. Freeze butt off at playground. 
  10. Work on passion project.
  11. Feel inadequate and anxious about passion project. 
  12. Work on passion project anyway. 
  13. Scroll internet. 
  14. Watch New Girl
  15. Cry in the tub. 
  16. Buy bubble bath. 
  17. Cry in bubble bath. 
  18. Listen to podcasts in bubble bath. 
  19. Online window shop. 
  20. Make lists of all the pretty things you can’t buy. 
  21. Water the plants.
  22. Make cookies and eat none of them. 
  23. Freeze cookie dough. 
  24. Stare at husband while he reads. 
  25. Look out window.
  26. Don’t forget to water the plants. 
  27. Swear in your head when your toes get numb at the playground.
  28. Notice that clog mom has great snow boots. 
  29. Online window shop for great snow boots. 
  30. Question life, existentially. 
  31. Listen to music, feel unsatisfied. 
  32. Make eggs. 
  33. Put rosemary on them.
  34. Eat eggs with rosemary on sourdough toast and feel satisfied. 
  35. Consider grad school. 
  36. Put off looking at grad schools. 
  37. Read food blogs instead. 
  38. Feel like you should be making beautiful gourmet food. 
  39. Make no beautiful food. 
  40. Peel carrots for Damien at nannying day job. 
  41. Stare at ceiling in bubble bath. 
  42. Read the same IKEA catalogue you’ve had all year in bubble bath. 
  43. Watch more New Girl
  44. Rearrange your desk. 
  45. Listen to Simon and Garfunkle. 
  46. Drink an overpriced latte. 
  47. Stress out about real jobs again. 
  48. Check email every three minutes. 
  49. Moan. 
  50. Thrash. 
  51. Dance erratically. 
  52. Get stared at by husband. 
  53. Recieve hug from husband. 
  54. Take another bubble bath. 
  55. Eat frozen cookie dough. 
  56. Get hired.
  57. Figure out how to be a real person.


(May or may not be based on true events. I’ll never tell.)

P.S. The picture of Pad Thai looks jumbly like my dreams. Tasted dang good though.


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