Here are some fantastic things I’ve found as I’ve tromped my way through the internet lately!

Cool online shops / Makers:

  • CW Pencil Enterprise. Um, excuse me, what is this wacko fantastic pencil shop doing and how can I be a part of it? I don’t know what to do with it. Pencils, pencils, pencils, all the pencils. When I go to NY in March, definitely spending hours here, sorry.
  • Sycamore Street Press. This shop has a whole lot of pretty going on. I have my eye on some of their art prints especially.
  • Yuka. I’m not always into jewelry, but some of these pieces are things I can really get into. Especially these simple triangle studs and this gorgeous star hair pin.
  • Minna. Just always Minna. I’ve had my eye on these things for so long. Maybe someday I’ll buy a pillow or something.

Blogs I’m loving:

  • Erstwhile Dear. I’ve gone through this one quickly, and I must say it’s one of my favorites yet. This blog doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, or, I imagine, the huge following of, say, Hey Natalie Jean or Reading my Tea Leaves, and I think that may be what I’m really liking about it right now. It’s good writing. It’s honest writing. It displays quiet, humble diligence, and it feels sort of how I like to write. Like how I’d like to keep writing in the future. Like Rachel Ringenberg could be my blogging big sister, like we have something very real in common, like I could email her and she might actually email me back.  It’s a mom blog, and a sweet one at that. It seems like all the blogs I like the best are mom blogs, maybe because I’m a mom at heart with all the nannying and baby-fever I’ve got going on (hormones man, hormones). Also because a lot of bloggers kind of maybe don’t hit their stride till they’re like 30? Does that seem true? You just don’t see a lot of 22-year-old bloggers. I feel a little all alone in blog land. I guess all of us 22-year-old bloggers, my invisible sisters, are just quietly getting our footing and only our moms read our posts and that’s okay right now. But, anyhow, read this blog if you’re looking for a truly lovely person’s life and heart to peek into.
  • The House that Lars Built.  This is like a cool girl DIY blog. The mind behind it is Brittany Watson Jepsen, and she is just dang cool. In fact, this blog may be too cool for me, but I kind of like it anyway. Definitely less emphasis on essay-style writing, which I tend to gravitate toward,  and more emphasis on pretty things and how-to’s, which is fun to look at. Very heavy on the cool and pretty and no one is mad.
  • Rookie Mag. I’m sure Rookie Mag isn’t new news to any of you cool internet cats, but just a friendly reminder that Rookie is still great, still kicking, and still just as fun for grown women as it is for teen women. Things like this are extremely special–and why I love rookie. It reminds me that other women are trying to make things in this world and trying to share them. And the way they are trying to share them is less self-promotional and more communal, more coming from a heart place. People make things and share them on this site because they want other people to see them just to see them. Rookie is a very good thing – a triumph of the internet and of young-womanhood I think – and I’m always happy when I work my way back to it after time apart.

Bits and bobs:

Things to read:

  • Sweatshops in the US. I’ve been feeling really angry about unethical clothing production in sweatshops for the past few months and have been shopping (or not shopping) accordingly. It had felt like a safe bet to buy things that promoted being “Made in the USA.” It’s not. I, in my optimism, hoped that American manufacturers were paying workers at least minimum wage. Some are. Lots are not. There are sweatshops in the USA too. This article written by Ann Friedman of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend, one of my faves recently, tells it like it is. It’s hard to shop ethically when even brands that shout that their clothes are made in the US can still rip off their workers. Basically any $7 shirt is unjust. That’s just how it is. And it sucks.
  • Miss Moss gathered up some fantastic #tbt Star Wars behind the scenes shots from the original trilogy. Give me ALL the vintage Star Wars! I still can’t get over the new movie and I’m still feeling all the love for the original three. Carrie Fischer is my homegirl (probably mostly because she’s in When Harry Met Sally), and she is especially cute in these photos. Check it out and feel the feels.
  • Encouraging words for bloggers from Molly Wizenberg of Orangette. Sometimes I wonder why I’m working so hard on this blog that I’m not getting paid a cent for. I feel a little silly and I scold myself for caring. But then I remember that I like it. And I remember that it helps me to exercise my creativity and write, write, write every day. Like Molly says, “what my blog does is force me to show up.” And that’s enough. Especially in this time where I’m uncertain about what work will mean for me in the future, I’m creating work for myself to do. I’m using my brain every day to do something, to keep going. It’s all I can do. And sometimes, when I start to feel washed away by my tininess, with all the big, lucrative blogs seeming so far from the small thing I’m trying to do, it’s good to be reminded that it’s just me doing work. Me doing work. That’s enough.




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