Someday: New Year Restock

As the days get colder and colder and we creep into 2016, it’s the time of year to take stock of the stuff we’ve got–the piles of papers, the bits of unused thread, the unworn clothes at the back of the dresser–and deal with all of it. And after all the decluttering it becomes time of year to figure out what needs to be put back into the places we clear out. The things we actually use all the time, the things that count as not-clutter. I’ve got restocking on my mind, the things that need to be replaced, new standbys to replace the old worn out ones. Now’s the time. I’ve got some extra Christmas money in my pocket, and I think it could be well served toward something lovely that I know I’ll actually use. I love to window shop, but it’s often hard for me to make the plunge and actually purchase the things I find and like. These things may just be worth it. Sometimes the nicest way to treat yourself is by buying something nice that is, well, not a treat.

RCCC New Year Restock Images .jpg

  1. Year supply of toothbrushes. If you’re going to brush your teeth everyday, you may as well do it with something pretty and well-made. I’m as big of a fan of grocery store toothbrushes as the next guy, but I’m starting to want even my toothbrushes to feel like a real choice, a nod to my style. Start the year with some happy for your teeth and your bathroom aesthetic.
  2. White Tee.  You can never have enough white tees. They’re a wardrobe workhorse, one of the most versatile, layerable pieces of clothing in your closet, and if you’re anything like me you end up spilling coffee on yourself at least once every few months, so a restock could definitively be in order. I’m liking this sleeveless one because even in the winter people turn the heat way too high, you know?
  3. Planner. If you’re anything like me, a planner is an absolute essential. I can’t quite cross over to the all-google-all-the-time life yet, especially where my schedule is concerned. If I don’t write things down on paper they’re lost forever. This planner is pretty enough to whip out proudly when making appointments.
  4. Winter HatChicago is dang cold, and since I can’t knit my own yet, I’m in need of a nice hat. One that isn’t bright red like my old one. I’m not feeling quite so bright red anymore in life. Soft white in natural wool is calling my name, and hats are a literal essential right now. Gotta protect those precious ears.
  5. Tea TowelKitchen towels get tomato sauce splattered on them. It happens. This is exactly the sort of thing that deserves a yearly refresh, even just by adding one or two new ones to the pile and discarding some of the oldest and grossest. Also makes a great hostess gift. No one doesn’t like a good tea towel.
  6. Slippers. Chances are your old slippers have gotten ratty by now, and/or one of them is hopelessly lost or eaten by a pet. We’ve all been there. January is prime slipper time, and these ones are some of the coolest I’ve seen lately. They even have an attachable outdoor sole for if you must exit the house for a gallon of milk or the paper or something.
  7. Pot Scrubber. Washing dishes sucks, but it’s life. Might as well do it with a tool that looks good and works, that doesn’t fall apart after a month of heavy use.
  8. Natural Deodorant.  I found myself despondent in the deodorant aisle of the grocery store yesterday, disappointed with what I saw. Everything looked so fake, with unidentifiable ingredients and “clean scent” whatever that means. I went back through the archives of Reading My Tea Leaves, a favorite blog of mine, and found this post on natural deodorants. I’m feeling ready to switch over to something more natural. Good for my body, good for the earth, good for everyone.

Happy restocking and happy 2016!!


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