I’ve always been a collector, little scraps of paper, poems, songs, thoughts, books, words. Lately my internet browser feels like a collection too, with no fewer than 15 tabs open at a time, each an avenue to wander down. I’ve found such loveliness in the confusing and sometimes unsettling country of the internet, and I’m glad for that, because it seems like this way of life, the googling and blogging and websites upon websites, is here to stay. The best things on the internet bring us back to physical objects and physical people. It’s only a means of connection, after all. This collection is for the internet things that feel real, full of substance, worth physical space as well as virtual space.

Cool Internet shops / makers:

  • LetterfolkThis is an adorable family who makes gorgeously simple black felt letter boards. I love how simple their shop is. They literally just sell these letter boards, but they’re fantastic. If anyone is looking to be my secret santa, I’ve got my eye on “The Writer”. Don’t miss the “About” section so you can smile at the people behind this endeavor.
  • BlurbI have some personal projects going on (particularly a Book of Hours) that I may want to sometime turn into a physical volume. Blurb is an amazingly affordable self-publishing option. They have a lot of options, the books look like they turn out wonderfully, and they are so within my budget. I almost can’t believe that something like this exists. Kids these days!
  • Have Company. This little shop/gallery/artist residency/all-around rad place in Grand Rapids, MI is doing a lot of things right. I’ve been lately fascinated with Marlee, the owner and curator of the shop, and her way of creating places to inhabit and move and work for both herself and for other artists. Her blog, attached to Have Company’s website, is pretty fantastic, and lately very focused on self-care and handwork. She’s also pretty cool on instagram. Check it out, poke around, you won’t regret it. The world needs more of this.
  • Grainline StudioRight under my nose in Chicago is this amazing lady and her incredibly modern hand-made clothing patterns. I’ve loved poking around this blog and shop. Maybe some day soon I’ll break out my sewing machine and start with the Scout Tee.
  • We are Knitters. The next stage of my personal handicraft self-actualization journey will surely be knitting. I can feel it. Embroidery is seriously the best and I’m still stitching up a storm, but another sort of stitching has been feeling increasingly enticing as the days have gotten colder. We Are Knitters has been on my radar for a while, and it seems like it would be a good place to start. They have fantastic kits (very gift-able) and beautiful tools (gorgeous peruvian wool and maybe some of the most beautiful knitting needles ever. Not kidding.) I’m in need of the perfect winter scarf, so maybe I’ll knit it myself.
  • PurlBKnit. More beautiful knits, all handmade using original patterns. I have my eye on the Cornrow Cowl and the Mulberry Silk Earflap hat. Really just mulberry everything, you know?
  • Keeping the knitting theme alive, I’m completely obsessed with Brooklyn Tweed, and anxious to get my skills up to snuff to tackle one of their incredible sweater patterns. Like this, this, or this. And this scarf. Maybe someday.

Bits and bobs:

  • Just a really, really pretty watering can. I have a tiny windowsill garden now, and I’ve been using my hot water kettle as a watering can, so something’s gotta give.
  • Saw this scarf in the store, tried it on, called it my spirit scarf, and put it back on the rack. Shopping is hard, you guys.
  • The Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album is some of my very favorite Christmas music out there, and I find myself returning to it year after year.
  • Pretty dang cool leaf cut outs.
  • Have you seen this new Google Cultural Institute thing? Because, I accidentally stumbled upon it by clicking things like a madwoman, and it is cool!

Words and pictures: 

  • A conversation between, of all people, Barak Obama and Marilynne Robinson. This is maybe one of the best things I’ve read in these confusing, dark world days we have been having lately. Really, it just makes me feel better about our world to know that these two people have talked to each other in this way. Some sort of lovely hope rests in this little doorstep of the internet. I hope you’ll read it. And if you haven’t read any Marilynne Robinson yet, drop what you’re doing and pick up Gilead. Thanks.
  • Two great lady-poems by Carrie Murphy, one of them called “Farm Fetish”.
  • Everything about this man and his creativity and his space.
  • I read this New Yorker article about Jonah Levy’s large scale LA site-specific operas in rapture on the Pink Line. This is the sort of thing I can’t believe really exists so fantastically in the world. This is the sort of thing I want to be a part of. So good. It’s long, but so worth it.

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