Nesting No. 2 : The Art Part

Having just moved into our apartment, and having finally placed our furniture just so, we have now arrived at a certain phase of the nesting process. We have a lot of empty walls.

I can’t help but notice them. They’re just there. Staring at me. In all their poorly painted glory. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m somewhat averse to the paint color that whoever renovated this apartment chose. It’s like a weird gold-green-brown and it doesn’t always work for me. I’d prefer bright white or a very calm grey. But, hey. We’re working with it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Still, a lot of empty walls, and a lot of life ahead. I want to be the sort of person who collects art pieces throughout her life, slowly and purposefully, spending money tactfully on things that are special and really worth it. But I’m also impatient, and I want to cover the weird yellow walls NOW. Basically, Isaiah and I are in the market for affordable art, and are really trying our hardest to not let our apartment look like a dorm room. Well, at least not too much like a dorm room. I’ll admit, we did hang some of Isaiah’s collected maps and my favorite post-card-y poster-y book page-y things I collected throughout college. All those things are nice and comforting on our walls, but they are decidedly only for now. Temporary wall coverage. Hopefully some actual real live art will make its way into our lives soon.

In this fantastic and sort of surreal process of suddenly nesting and creating a home together with Isaiah, I’m learning to be a self-appointed curator. It’s strange to say it that way, but it’s true. I want to be a careful collector of specific items. The last thing I want is for my living space to feel arbitrary and thrown together. I don’t want to buy a lamp at Target just because I need light and I need it now. I don’t want to settle for a side table at goodwill because it could probably work and I half like it. And I don’t want to cover the walls in a hurry because I’m afraid of vast areas of mustard-green-yellow-brown. I’m reminding myself to go slow. To live without a lamp and side table until I find somethings cheap and vintage that feel right. To let the walls be blank for a while, and to keep my eyes open.

But, for now, it feels good to have my little collection of images above my chair in the little corner of our living space. I don’t know if it will stay that way forever, but it’s nice to have chosen things. To have placed them just so. And to know that I’m not finished. I will collect art, furniture, people, places, thoughts, memories, and life gradually, carefully, and specifically, the same way I collected that little assemblage of odds and ends throughout college.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

In all of my hopes to go slow, I still can’t help but forge ahead anyhow. At least in planning/dreaming. Not necessarily in acting/doing. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

For gradual art acquisition, I have the ever so helpful plan of attack.

  1. Become okay with blank walls. (Working on it, but crossed it off for motivation-sake).
  2. Peruse Etsy for wonderful affordable prints but not buy. (Results of perusal below!!!)
  3. Visit thrift stores and cross fingers for art luck. (Next on the list.)
  4. Do some making myself.
  5. Puruse Etsy AGAIN, and maybe plan to buy (or tactfully plant Christmas gift ideas in family members).
  6. Commission artistic friends to make artistic things.


  1. This print from Reform School. “The Heavens”

The heavens

2. This triptych from ARMINHO on Etsy.


3. “Early Morning Landscape” & “Plate Collection” from Becca Stadtlander on Etsy.



4. This big Flowers Poster on Etsy.


5. Swimming Pool print by Naomi Wilkinson on Etsy.

swimming pool

6. “house” print and “flora” print by Britt Herman, who apparently is from CHICAGO!! On Etsy.



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