City-ing No. 2


Okay, so we live in Little Italy (well, not quite, we actually live in the Medical District, but that isn’t as sexy as saying that we live in Little Italy and it’s really close, so just go with it). Benefits of living in (well, proximous to) Little Italy are as follows:

  2. Mario’s Italian Ice
  3. Other Italian ice (tried classic lemon from Carm’s and loved it)
  4. Sweet hardware store owners sitting outside the store smoking cigars daily
  5. Neighbor with a friendly lawn sign saying “You take-a my spot, I break-a your face”
  7. Surprisingly, pretty good Thai food, too. (go figure)

Lucky us to move in the week before the Festa Italiana, with is perhaps one of Chicago’s best summer street parties! There was Fake Frank Sinatra! There was fried dough! There was pouring rain! It was fantastic!!!

You guys, summer street festivals are amazing. I’m a sucker for civic events. I love all the happy people, all the pricey food, the empty beers covering every available space, the strollers and tank tops and sandals and cameras and inappropriate dancing. I love it all. Give me a street festival any day and I’ll be a happy camper. City-ing Tip number two is simply a command. Go. Go to all of the things in your neighborhood. If there’s a block party, show up. If there’s a festival, get your butt down the street and check it out. Heck, buy the $8 friend dough! You won’t regret it (there is nothing to regret about fried dough), and you’ll feel a bit more like you’re a part of it all. I did. Little Italy forever. (Or medical district. Whatever).

Our walk to the Festa took us past all sorts of lovely Medical District hospital complexes.


FAKE FRANK! He was great! We walked in to the tune of “Angel Eyes!” Classic.
Grilling up some HOT sausages for corn dogs.
Few things make my sweet husband more excited than Italian Sausage Corndogs. See?
A big old bite. YES.
Can’t pass up a free photo booth. For real.


In the middle of the FESTA, it started pouring, hence deserted party tables and beer cups. People seemed just as happy to huddle under awnings. Eventually we took shelter at my friend David’s apartment at UIC.



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