City-ing No. 1

I’ve been a suburban girl to the max for 22 years. Eighteen years in Moon Twp, Pennsylvania (yes, that’s really the name), and four years in Wheaton, Illinois, which is, dare I say it, delightfully the most suburb-y of all suburbs ever. And now, for the first time in my life, I’m living somewhere where not everyone owns a lawnmower and uses it at seven am on Saturdays!!!!!!!!! MAJOR LIFE CHANGE.Β As you follow the blog, you’ll see City-ing pop up from time to time when I decide to think about being young and small in the big city. I’m feeling it. There are a lot of people doing a lot of big, good things in this city. And I’m very small and sort of secret here, you know?

But, without further ado,Β City-ing No. 1:


(or an ode to CVS)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The offending shoe. Lovely, but NOT comfy. Especially for long walks on sidewalks. I bought them at a resale shop in Wheaton, and they’ve done me well on many a job interview and days that span short distances.

I put on a very cute outfit on Friday to go see my friend Annie on her lunch break. She works at a marketing firm across Michigan Ave. from the Art Institute, and right away after my big move to Chicago we set up a standing lunch date for Fridays. It was my first day since moving to venture out to the loop. I walked successfully past the vacant lot on Ogden eyeing the Queen Anne’s Lace along the way, beeped my Ventra card, and rode the Blue Line straight into the loop. Everything was going great, until I got off the L and took a few steps in the right direction.

My heels. My heels were killing me. The shoes that go great with the pants I picked for my first big city married outing were literally killing me. And I’d forgotten to put on deodorant on a 85 degree day. (I do that sometimes. Sorry, friends).

I felt silly and sort of at a loss. I considered buying new shoes on State St. But, instead, I marched myself over to CVS and bought some medical tape and deodorant with my new “Amy Bornman” credit card. Then I walked to the face fountains in Millennium Park where there were a million kids playing in the water. I watched them play and applied my deodorant and taped my heels. And it was wonderful.

Next time I’ll wear more comfortable shoes. In fact, I think I’ll wear more comfortable shoes all the time. Because no one really gives a crap what you wear in the city anyhow except yourself. But don’t think I’m getting rid of my resale shop EasySpirits. Oh no, those guys are sticking with me wherever I go. They’re too cute to say goodbye to for good, even in the new big city.

Some Favorite Comfy Shoes:

Saltwater Sandals (I own them in tan and have worn them extensively for about a year and a half through rainstorms and long scruffy walks, and they still look as good as new. I’d swear by these sandals. Planning to add a black pair to my collection soon.)

Sandgrens Clogs (I don’t own any clogs YET, but I’ve had my eye on this brand for a few months now. If I were buying today, I’d chose theseΒ or these.

Chacos (These are my go-to for any outdoor activity that involves off-roading. Great for hikes and canoeing. Love them. They’re definitely the best outdoor sandal out there).


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